Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader 2.9

A strategy game about managing a castle

Assume the role of a warrior in Medieval times and build, defend and develop a castle stronghold in the Holy Land during the crusades. Combat enemy units and build an infrastructure to support the existence of your subordinates. Four historical campaigns are available.

In this opportunity, the game set is in the middle era of the Crusades, Stronghold Crusader puts you in the role of the brave king Richard the Lionheart, in front of the legions of Europe, or the elusive Saladin, leading the Arab army, you will be able to face a bloody war for the sole purpose of conquering the enemy stronghold.

Like the original Stronghold, this continuation of the saga mixes elements of real-time strategy with typical cities construction simulators, with the objective of developing and maintaining a population, while you disputes battles with your opponents.
Another thing that is remarkable, is the sound which is really excellent. The songs are well performed, using real voices and instruments with New Age style, inspired by the Gregorian chants and Arabic music. The sound effects remain the same level of quality, highlighting the whistles and impacts of arrows.

We are in the twelfth century, the Pope appeals to all Christianity to wrest the Holy Land to the infidels. So the Crusades began.
You will find three modes of play. The first one is a great campaign, consisting of about fifty missions, The Crusader, from your arrival in enemy territory, until your final conquest of Jerusalem. In the second one you have the historic campaigns, which are four and on the third one you have a mode of free building, where there are no time limits or enemies.

In conclusion, If you want to to fight in the Crusades, you have to play this game.

María Noel Balla
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